For some people, a small amount of mold spores can create health problems, while others can tolerate an extremely high amount of spores prior to ill effects. Those most susceptible to mold health problems are individuals with existing respiratory conditions and asthma. 
Farmer Environmental Services is a leader in mold consulting and testing. Our certified mold inspectors have performed inspections and/or project management services on more than 1000 buildings for school districts, universities/colleges, corporations, healthcare organizations, and residential clients.

Mold needs two things to survive, a food source (i.e. dirt, building materials) and moisture. As a result, the key to controlling mold is to prevent building materials from moisture. During our mold inspection, ACC personnel (Mold Inspectors) use moisture probes to identify the moisture content of building materials and determine the sources of leaks and water intrusion.
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Edwardsville, IL
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Carbondale, IL
Springfield, IL

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